Private Label — Low MOQ, Fast Turnaround and High Quality Co2 Extracted Oil.

There has never been a better time to get into the CBD industry! When you Private Label with Xtract Technologies, you gain access to our proprietary production processes, our industry-leading expertise, and our world-class customer service. We are your one stop shop, from design and print ready labels & boxes, straight through shipping and fulfilment, in 10-14 business days for standard formulations. 


We fully align our interests with yours — when you grow, we grow. It's that simple.

Private label
We offer an array of Private Label products to move your health and business forward with speed and ease.

With order sizes from 100 units per SKU to 1,000,000+, we have built our processes to scale efficiently and effectively to meet every partner’s needs. Click below to learn more about our Private label service. 



Our mission at Xtract Technologies is to provide a high-quality, effective and reliable family of CBD products with customer care to match. We’ve put together a team of professionals to create the purest, most bioavailable Full Spectrum hemp oil on the market. We strictly use CO2 to extract our hemp which ensures customers have the cleanest and safest product you can find. 

Our products are independently lab tested by a third party to ensure the highest standards in the industry and to ensure that we are providing a quality product each and every time. Our unique ability to efficiently scale both upwards and downwards to align with each customer’s needs allows us to offer the most comprehensive and accessible Private Label solutions in the industry.

Utilizing proprietary phytocannabinoid-rich industrialized hemp (70-85%) in all of our CBD products. Our high-quality ingredients are just one of the reasons that Xtract Technologies has the reputation of having the best overall quality products, best-tasting products and the highest product success rates in the industry.

Our high quality CBD oil is grown and processed in Colorado. We strictly extract our hemp with CO2 to ensure the most cleanest and purest product for our customers. We pride ourselves in not having to use ‘solvents’ which can be negatively effect your product and overall health. 

We offer the fastest turn around time for Private Labeling in the industry. Our lead time is 10-14 days on standard formulations and 4 weeks for custom formulations. 

Our minimum order quantities (MOQ) are the lowest in the industry, offering 100 units as a minimum provides our customers with a cost-effective product launches for the various products we offer. As your sales and business scale up, we are ready to scale up with you and your increased product demand. 

Our Private Label manufacturing plant has been independently tested and certified by Class One Cleanroom Systems to meet or exceed requirements of ISO 14644 and USP 800, making our facility Class 1,000 Airborn Particle at 0.5 micron in operation mode. ProVerde and Botanacor Laboratories independently test our cannabinoid profile and potency to ensure that our CBD meets compliance. We’ll happily supply compliance and certification documentation by request. 

Our in-house graphic designer can take care of all your labeling and packaging needs. If you are looking to create a new label or modify your existing one we can work hand-hand with you in order to have exactly what you need in a timely matter. 

Custom label sizes are available upon request, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

We offer packaging, labeling, shipping and high volume capacity. Xtract Technologies works with businesses small and large to package and ship production runs from small/limited quantities to large scale packaging orders of 20,000 units or more. Our flexible solutions allow you to integrate our services at any point in the production process. We specialize in packaging liquids, topical lotions/balms, tinctures, capsules, powders, gummies, dog treats and more, in a variety of container options.

Drop shipping is one of the most popular ways to build eCommerce store. With no need to stock inventory (in-house) or manage product shipoments, you can focus on marketing and building up an audience for your store. This is the most affordable way to launch your new eCommerce store. With no inventory on-site or warehouse team to manage, the opportunity to grow your eCommerce store has never been greater. Our expert warehouse team will scale with your business and support your operational needs.

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